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Santoliquito: 'I've received death threats'

Joe Santoliquito joins Angelo Cataldi on 94WIP

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
January 22, 2019 - 9:05 am

The Carson Wentz report by Joe Santoliquito of has most Eagles fans fuming. Santoliquito quote anonymous sources painting Wentz as, "selfish and uncompromising." 

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The story bothered Eagles fans so much so, that Santoliqutio has received multiple death threats via social media.

"I've gotten death threats," Santoliquito told Angelo Cataldi on Tuesday morning. "Yeah, death threats with my address on it So far death threats three, offers to commit suicide one. Yeah, one with my address attached to it."

Santoliquito also, interestingly, credited his story for being a motivating factor for Wentz going forward. 

"The other thing too is, guess what?" Santoliquito said. "I'm the best thing Carson Wentz has ever had going for him. You don't think this is gonna piss him off even more? You don't think this is gonna motivate him even more, to stick this up someone's little tail and just say, 'Hey listen pal, you're wrong. Everybody else that believes what you said you wrote was wrong.' I can see it now. I can see Jason Kelce in his mummer's outfit calling me out like he called out Lombardi last year. If the Eagles turn around and have a 14-2 season, make a run, who knows? Who knows that this very—well I'm not going to say very negative—situation that has been brought to light, they can't turn into a positive. And I feel very strongly about that."

In the story, Santoliquito wrote about Wentz playing favorites within the offense, but the stats do not support the claim

"Again, I'll refer to the eye test," Santoliquito said. "In terms of the times he went to Zach Ertz, as opposed to going to other guys. Number of sources said, 'We'd go into games and just like, hey I don't know how many touches I'm gonna get the ball despite the fact that this is designed and that is designed. Again, you're dealing with a group of things here—you're dealing with Carson Wentz, again, that is not 100 percent and doesn't necessarily himself. Came in with some insecurities and the greatest security blanket is Zach Ertz.

"The eye test tells you that there were times were Foles threw to Jeffery, where times where Wentz might not have thrown to Jeffery."

Santoliquito to admit a mistake, as he told the Eagles about the story just 40 minutes before it was published. 

"I'll say this, in putting this together, the mistake that I'll admit is not giving the Eagles ample notice," he said. "Now, I called them 8:20 (pm) on Monday and the story came out at nine (pm). But I will say this and you saw this, his agent was contacted. The office was contacted two weeks ago, never got a reply. Finally at ten o'clock last night—and you saw the text—that the individual got back to me." 

You can listen to the full conversation between Santoliquito and Cataldi below.