Howard Eskin vs. Seth Joyner


Howard Eskin vs. Seth Joyner

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
December 05, 2018 - 9:17 am

After the Eagles' 28-13 beating of the Redskins on Monday night, former Eagle and current analyst Seth Joyner went on the NBCSportsPhiladelphia postgame show and criticized the Eagles' defense

"They got the win," Joyner said. "I just think that we can be a lot more aggressive. You’re playing against a team that’s down to your second quarterback and all of the sudden he gets hurt and then you go to your third quarterback, and we don’t run a blitz to the third quarter. I don’t understand it.”

Howard Eskin tweeted the audio clip of Joyner ripping Jim Schwartz and the defense after a victory, and the two went back and forth a bit on Twitter

Eskin was on Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show and went after Joyner. 

"This is the perfect time of the year for Seth Joyner, it's the Grinch!" Eskin said. "Steals away a win instead of stealing away Christmas. Seth Joyner is the biggest whiner and complainer I have ever heard. Just shut up!"

Joyner joined Angelo Cataldi on Wednesday's 94WIP Morning Show to defend himself. 

"I don't do my job for the enjoyment of how people feel," Joyner explained. "I'm paid to analyze the game of football. I'm paid to look down the road and see how the game, how this game affects this football team.

"Do you think I give about a damn what Howard thinks about me? It's like, if I worried about what people like that said about me, I would have never became the player I became. I would have never be the analyst that I am. I don't worry about stuff like that, realistically."

Cataldi jokingly asked Joyner if his postgame co-hosts Ray Didinger and Barrett Brooks are scared of him. Joyner explained that he has a great relationship with those guys and has the "utmost respect for the Godfather of Philadelphia sports, Ray Didinger." 

"More than for Eskin?" Cataldi asked. 

"Listen, if I had to that show with Howard Eskin, I'd quit," Joyner said. "Next time you have me on, have the self-professed King show up instead of Twitter-bating me. I'll take out some time to do a whole half-hour and undress him."