Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons deserves to be an all-star

Dave Uram
January 09, 2019 - 10:22 am

You can knock Ben Simmons all you want for the fact that a jump shot isn't an integral part of his game. I'm right there with you on that opinion. That being said, he's still a very effective, dominant NBA player who should probably be vying for his second trip to the All-Star Game this season.

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Instead, a nod would be his first and that's something Brett Brown says Simmons wants and deserves. 

"I think he's on a mission to win games and be an All-Star and I'm going to do everything I can to help him," Brown said prior to the Sixers 132-115 drubbing of the Wizards Tuesday at Wells Fargo Center, a game which Simmons scored 17 points on eight-of-15 from the floor, in addition to dishing out nine assists. "And what that means is utilizing him in a way that first benefits our team."

According to the first fan voting returns released about a week ago, Simmons is fourth amongst Eastern Conference guards, trailing Kemba Walker, Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving in that order from three to one. Fan voting only accounts for a portion of the total tally to who starts, but in all liklihood, Joel Embiid will be the only Sixer to be named an All-Star game starter on February 17th in Charlotte. That being said, Simmons should still chosen as a reserve, which is done by NBA head coaches. 

"He is worthy of being an All-Star," Brown adamently said at the end of his answer about Simmons avoiding a sophomore slump. 

Simmons is averging 16.4 points per game this season, as well as eight assists and nine rebounds. He's nearly averaging a triple-double and he has recorded six of them this season, which is good for second behind Russell Westbrook's 12. Brown made a point to note that Simmons often misses triple-doubles by one or two stats. He clearly feels Simmons belongs amongst the NBA's best, and so does Simmons, who is very confident about his game despite widespread criticism about lacking a jumper. That being said, he's not as direct as Brown when it comes to declaring himself an All-Star. 

"My priority is get to the playoffs and have a shot at a championship," Simmons said. "If I'm playing at that level and we're able to do that, then I think I should."

The Sixers are 27-14 heading into Wednesday night, which is tied for the fifth best winning percentage in the sport. True, the Sixers have played a bunch of awful teams to date this season, but they're taking care of the bottom line, which is winning. 

So, I'll echo Brown and say Simmons deserves to be an All-Star.