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Sixers' 2019-20 win total is set

Andrew Porter
July 15, 2019 - 11:50 am

The Philadelphia 76ers' 2019-20 win total is set at 53.5 games by BetOnline.ag. Only two NBA teams are projected to win more games than Philly—the Clippers (55.5) and Bucks (54.5). 

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Last season the Sixers won 51 games, three and a half wins below their 2018-19 projected win total of 54.5 games. In 2017-18, the Sixers won 52 games. Last season was the first time Philadelphia has won 50-plus games in back-to-back seasons since 1984-85 and 1985-86. 

The Sixers' new starting five will be Ben Simmons, Josh Richardson, Tobias Harris, Al Horford, and Joel Embiid. Defensively they should be elite, but offensively there are concerns. 

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“Defensively, of course, that’s when we’re going to wear our hat," Sixers GM Elton Brand said on Friday. "We should be one of the top defensive teams in the league, in my opinion. We’ll figure out the spacing. We have a lot of versatility. Al Horford can space. Joel Embiid can space. Ben is working on his game. Josh is a high level scorer. Tobias is a high level shooter and scorer also. So, we’re looking forward to making that (offense) work in training camp. But, it’s going to take some time. It should take some time.”

Some notable win totals for 2019-20:

  • Clippers 55.5
  • Bucks 54.5
  • Sixers 53.5
  • Jazz 52.5
  • Lakers 51.5
  • Rockets 51.5
  • Nuggets 50.5
  • Celtics 48.5
  • Pacers 48.5
  • Warriors 47.5
  • Nets 45.5