Brad Lidge and Carlos Ruiz

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Top 10 Phillies games to rewatch

Joe Giglio
March 23, 2020 - 8:34 am

Sports withdrawal setting in yet? It sure is for me.

While the NFL gave us a nice distraction with the start of the league year, there’s still something big missing and that something will be missing for a while: Games. Actual games to watch, dissect and talk about.

There’s obviously no good or fun time to have to practice social distancing, but at least the power of the internet and imagination give us a chance to re-watch some of the best games in Philadelphia sports history.

Last week, we had a discussion on The Evening Show about games you wish you could rewatch during this lull. Maybe someone from Major League Baseball was listening because many classic Phillies games are available (in full) through YouTube, whether through MLB, MLB Vault or the power of an account you’ve never heard of uploading a full game broadcast.

Here are the top 10 to rewatch as we wait for live sports to return.

10. 2009 World Series, Game 1: Phillies 6, Yankees 1

Cliff Lee (9 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 10 K, 0 BB) was dominant against one of the best lineups of the last 20 years, and made it look easy. The Phillies ultimately lost this series in six games, but Lee’s time as a top pitcher in Philadelphia can be summed up by this night in the Bronx vs. a 103-win Yankees team.

9. Mets-Phillies, August 30, 2007: Phillies 11, Mets 10

One of only two regular season games on this list. If there was a moment when the potential of the 2007-2011 Phillies became clear, it was here. A back-and-forth 11-10 win over the Mets at Citizens Bank Park had a sold-out crowd rocking, and set the stage for what would define the two NL East contenders for years to come: The Phillies were never out of a game, and the Mets could never finish. 

8. 2009 NLCS, Game 4: Phillies 5, Dodgers 4

When Jonathan Broxton has nightmares, they are probably about Game 4’s vs. the Phillies. If you can, find the radio call of Scott Franzke painting the picture of Jimmy Rollins lining the ball into the right-center field gap and Carlos Ruiz racing all the way home.

7. 2008 NLCS, Game 4: Phillies 7, Dodgers 5

“Stairs rips one into the night… “ 

6. Roy Halladay’s perfect game: Phillies 1, Marlins 0

Phillies at Marlins on May 29, 2010 didn’t represent the changing of the guard in the NL East or become symbolic of a run the team was about to go on. But it was the high point for one of the games best pitchers, and a player that became a franchise legend in record time.

5. 1993 NLCS, Game 6: Phillies 6, Braves 3

Everything about the 1993 Phillies felt absurd, from the characters on the team to the out-of-nowhere rise to capture a pennant. The moment that always sticks out to me: Darren Daulton’s clutch double down the right field line off Greg Maddux in Game 6.

4. 1980 NLCS, Game 5: Phillies 8, Astros 7

For those old enough to remember watching this live, it’s often referred to as one of the best games in MLB history. For me, it’s been playing on my other screen as this column is written. Takeaways: Harry Kalas looks so young, the Astrodome was LOUD and Garry Maddox really did cover a lot of ground in the outfield.

3. 1980 World Series, Game 6: Phillies 4, Royals 1

The last horse crosses the finish line. The Phillies became the final team of the 16 teams that made up the majors from 1901 to 1960 to win a World Series. Mike Schmidt, more clutch than he was given credit for, knocked in the winning run in the clincher to beat the Royals. 

2. Roy Halladay’s playoff no-hitter: Phillies 4, Reds 0

When we talked about the ultimate sports rewatch on the show last week, Halladay’s no-hitter came up over and over again. More than the ‘80 clincher or years that ended in the World Series. There was just something so special about that night, especially when considering the firepower (Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, Scott Rolen, Jay Bruce) in that Reds lineup. I still don’t know how Carlos Ruiz made the final out look so easy.

1. 2008 World Series, Game 5: Phillies 4, Rays 3

It took multiple days. The weather was terrible. The final pitch from Brad Lidge summed up a perfectly imperfect team. But it was worth the wait, and it’s certainly worth the re-watch.