Zach and Julie Ertz helps Kensington

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Ertz Foundation to donate $10,000 to Kensington HS

Andrew Porter
August 10, 2018 - 1:05 pm

The Zach and Julie Ertz Family Foundation launched less than two months ago, on July 21st.

Their mission is to "empower others by sharing faith, learning through sports and advancing education to build supportive communities" and one of their three pillars is youth sports. 

So when Lisa Ertz, Zach's mom and the foundation's executive director, saw the story about the football equipment of Kensington High School being stolen, she went to work. She knew the Ertz Family Foundation had to help and Zach and Julie were immediately on board. 

The Kensington High School football team started a fundraiser, hoping for $4,000 to replace their stolen equipment. The Ertz Family Foundation has decided to donate $10,000 to the school's football program. Furthermore, thanks to the people of Philadelphia, the fundraiser page has already reached $10,000! 

"This morning we woke up and realized for them to truly be set, they needed $10,000 total," Ertz told Marks & Reese on Friday afternoon. "So my wife (Julie) and I decided that we were just gonna finish it off, give them $10,000 and just allow them to go back to playing football this year and not worry about an extra $5,000 being over their head and wondering where that money was going to come from."

“The support has been overwhelming," said Kensington assistant coach Justin Haskell. "This is something that we’re not used to. We cannot thank everyone enough, especially the Ertz family. I publicly thanked Johnny Marks and Ike Reese on Twitter. Wow, thank you."

Haskell, 35, talked about the challenges his players face. 

“I'll say about 90 to 95 percent of my kids come from a broken home," Haskell said. "So me and the coaches we try the best we can, doing college tours, driving them, doing everything. We teach them there's life outside of football. This is a brotherhood.”

"We just feel compelled and we're so excited to be able to parter with that school and give them a little bit of hope," Ertz said. 

The Ertz Family Foundation also hopes to help Kensington's high school football team with a discount on equipment. 

The Kensington football team will play their first game on Saturday, August 18th with brand new equipment.